Malwarebytes Anti-Malware : Product of the Day 14 , 2010

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“Destroying malware… one byte at a time” –Malwarebytes tagline

There’s some pretty insidious malware going around these days.  One of the most evil is an infection that mimics a virus protection program and won’t let you do anything until you “activate” their software.  Come to think of it… doesn’t it completely stink that we all pay for these virus protection programs, and still spyware, adware and viruses make it through?  Those people have to try harder.

The good people at are here to help.  I had an older Windows PC that was infected by Internet Security 2010 recently.  My good friend Mr. Nixon told me he had seen it as well, and the freeware from Malwarebytes took it off in about 5 seconds.  I downloaded the program and lo and behold, the infection was gone and the computer was mine again.

So… a tip of the linking hat to the crew at, and most deserved Product of the Day kudos.  Dear readers, be sure to try their freeware… download it before it is too late!  And while you are at it, try buying some stuff from them too.  We need good people like them on our side to fight these scams.  I’m off to shop at their site right now.

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