Apple iPad: Epic Fail? Meh? 71% currently think so…

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I don’t know about you, but I was underwhelmed by the new Apple iPad today.  Especially given the hype that we have been fed the past few weeks.

I did a Google search under “iPad Epic Fail” and surprisingly, none other than MSNBC has a poll going using that same term… EPIC FAIL!   As of 9:25 pm EST here is the breakdown of responses:

Must have!  26.6%

Meh…   42.3%

EPIC FAIL!  28.7%

What’s an “iPad”? 1.4%

Other   .9%

What do you think?  Vote in the MSNBC iPad poll

Adding Meh and Epic Fail together gives a staggering 71% who are either not impressed with the iPad or outright think it stinks.  My own gut reaction was “This is it?!!!” and “I’d rather have a netbook, a real computer than can run applications, for a lot less money.”  And this is coming from a guy who owns several Macs (I am typing this on my Mac Pro/30″ combo, in fact) and who has converted many others from Windows to Apple.

Not to mention… AT&T.  That alone cuts out a lot of potential customers.  I will have an iPhone the day Verizon has it, but until then I am standing pat with my LG phone.  No AT&T for me, for a phone or a tablet.  I can’t get a signal where I live… Sprint doesn’t get a clear signal here, either, though I live on a hill.  Only Verizon does.

The jokes are rolling in, too, on the name… Apple’s iPad becomes big fat intimate joke.  Apparently no one at Apple has seen Mad TV’s iPad sketch  before, which ran years ago.  Warning- adult content!  It is linked here if you want to see it: Mad TV’s iPad sketch

Steve Jobs is a lot smarter than me and he is really excited by the iPad, and I have not seen one yet… so maybe I am missing something here. Still, that Netbook is looking better and better…

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