Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-ray/VHS player on sale today for $179.99


Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-ray/VHS player

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If you have VHS tapes you still enjoy this is a great way to go if you want to add Blu-ray, or even if you just want to play your tapes and want an easier, better way to do it.  The Panasonic DMP-BD70V is a top-rate, full featured Blu-ray player that also upconverts VHS tapes to 1080p.  It doesn’t look high-def but it looks cleaner than it would just running from a VCR and you have the simplicity of a single HDMI connection.  Please note it does not record on VHS… it is playback only.

Learn more at the post where the DMP-BD70V was featured as Product of the Day.  At the time of this posting the Amazon link says $208 but vendors are offering it for less when you get to the product page.  It is worth the $208 anyway, if you are so inclined, but click the link and the $179.99 price should be there.  (I just checked and it was.)

Panasonic DMP-BD70V 1080p Blu-Ray Disc / VHS Combo Player at

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