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If it is good enough for the Guggeheim Museum, the FAA, the United States Air Force and Navy, Panasonic, Dell,  the Smithsonian, and NASA, it should be good enough for you.  Klear Screen products are the choice of these companies and many others who read like a who’s who of technology.  The Klear Screen HD Screen Cleaner shown above is meant to be used on your TV screen, but NASA also uses it to clean the windows on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.  That’s saying something and has to make you confident your TV is in good hands. 

If you have not heard of Klear Screen it is because they do not advertise.  Word-of-mouth has been all they have ever needed and apparently it has worked very well for them.  They have donated a lot of product for US servicemen deployed overseas and my recent communications with them have given me the impression of a thoroughly professional company that is on top of its game and really cares about what it does.  I am happy to give them kudos not just because I think you will love their products, but because they are doing a great job and deserve it.

Though the products are delivered in blister packs they really give a first-class impression.   Their cleaning formula is non-alcoholic, ammonia free and completely non-toxic, safe for use around kids and pets.  The proof is in the pudding, of course and I am happy to report that Klear Screen made my Apple 30-inch display look the best it has since new. No wonder Apple recommends them.  (In fact, Klear Screen has a product called Apple Polish!)

Besides making the most recommended cleaning products in the industry, Klear Screen has helpful guides and videos to make your screen cleaning duties a snap.   See them below.

Download Screen Cleaning Guide

How-to cleaning videos on YouTube

Klear Screen products can be purchased directly from the Klear Screen site as well as from The Apple Store and Amazon.com.  See the Klear Screen site for a complete list of retailers.

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