Panasonic TC-P42ST30 for only $789.60!

Panasonic TC-P42ST30 Plasma 3D HDTV

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Regular readers of my column have seen me rave about Panasonic’s amazing TC-P42ST30 plasma 3D HDTV recently. With an MSRP of $1,099 and a street price of around $900 it is simply unbeatable. See what I have to say at the links below:

Panasonic TV is affordable, spectacular

Plasma TV is the best for its price, 3D or no 3D

If it is a steal at $900, what does $789.60 make it? If may sound like a fantasy but you can indeed get it for under $800 through Panasonic’s “Fans Only” deals accessible through their facebook page. Just “like” Panasonic on Facebook and register for “Fans Only Deals” on the right side. I’ve seen some other amazing deals there, like a Micro Four-Thirds DMC-GH1 camera body for only $349 so it is definitely worth the effort!

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