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I wrote a rave review of the $69 Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Bluetooth Speaker not long ago, and quite a few readers have been contacting me with some raves of their own.  Here are a few samples of what they have to say about The Oontz:

“After reading your column I purchased the Oontz Bluetooth speaker. I love it. It is a great musical companion when paired with my iPad. No more annoying headsets or earbuds to contend with and I can happily go about my household chores.  I am thoroughly enjoying the sound of my affordable Oontz as I write this. Thanks for the recommendation.”

-P.K., Bethel Park, PA

“A HUGE “thanks” for making me aware of the Oontz!  I’ve been trying to find a way to use a speaker phone for business calls for the past year or so.  The quality of consumer phones is so poor that the speakers are unacceptable for business calls.  I did not want to pay the $500 or so to get top-of-the-line business speaker phones, so I bought a refurbished business speakerphone and had nothing but grief from it (it worked on occasion but not reliably).

The Oontz arrived a day or so ago, and it was easy to use with the Bluetooth on my iPhone and will solve my need–all for about $70.  Also, the quality of playback from my iTunes library is way better than I ever expected.  And, all from such a tiny speaker.  Thanks, again!”

-D.B., San Farncisco, CA

“Love, LOVE them.  I was about to purchase a Jambox, which everyone said is great, but heck. At the oontz price I was willing to trust the reviews.  Worst case, I could give it to my underemployed recent college grad or her sister, the senior.  Well, it was too bad for them.   I loved it and bought two more. All for me!  The holidays are soon upon us, though, and Cambridge is running a volume purchase sale. We’ll see…”

-J.C., Minneapolis, MN

My only criticism was the look of the Oontz logo on top of the speaker, which I thought was a bit cartoony and seemed out of place on such a high quality product. See the original look below.

I thought it very minor and hardly a big deal, but Cambridge SoundWorks was listening and they changed the logo.  Wow.  That is some fast action!  See the new look below:

Here is the new logo on the Oontz Angle:


Very nice, don’t you think?  I was caught off guard when they told me they took my suggestion to heart so quickly, and am impressed that they did and in the process came up with such a nice visual improvement.

If you have not heard about The Oontz, let me tell you, it is something special.  For only $69 it offers phenomenal sound, plays quite loudly, and makes a great speakerphone.  I recently demo’d it for a friend who works at The Apple Store.  She was going to but the $179 Jambox for her son for Christmas.  (They sell The Jambox where she works.)  When she heard The Oontz she thought it clearly sounded better, and for about a third of the price.  I am not usually a big devotee’ of portable audio products and tend to like my gear full-sized.  The Oontz has won me over, and that is saying a lot!

See it at www.theoontz.com. Want to try it? Trust me, you will be glad you did… you can order from Amazon below, and ordering from my Amazon links supports my site as well.

The Oontz has more bass and plays louder than the Oontz Angle, and battery life is 10 hours.  The Oontz Angle is smaller, lighter and features 20 hours of battery life.    Get the Oontz for the best sound, get the Angle if portability and battery life are of paramount importance.  I prefer the Oontz but the Angle sounds  very good as well.

The Oontz on Amazon:

Oontz Angle at Amazon:

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