Samsung NX1000 and NX1100: super cameras, super bargain

I’ve been testing Samsung’s NX1100 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (compact system camera) and have to say, I like it a lot. You will read about it more in an upcoming column, but for now I will say it is a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor camera with excellent image quality, an intuitive user interface, and WiFi for easy sharing between devices and the internet. It appears to be identical to the NX1000 model, which is still shown on Samsung’s website as the main model in the series. The camera is available in black or white and includes a flash unit.

What is especially compelling about the NX1100 and NX1000 is THE DEAL. The NX1100 is available in a bundle with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 and Adobe Lightroom 4 for only $599, and you can get the NX1000 kit on its own for under $350.

NX11000 Bundle at Sam’sClub

Samsung NX1000 on (Black Body)

Samsung NX1000 on (white body)

Samsung’s lenses have received praise for their high optical quality and there is a nice, and growing, selection of them. After using the NX1100 I can say I definitely prefer it to the Sony NEX models I have owned and used, and consider them a better buy and a better long-term prospect due to the excellent and affordable lenses. (Lens selection is where Sony’s NEX system falls down.)

Overall I would have to say Olympus still has the crown for compact system cameras due to the advanced camera bodies, superior jog pictures and huge lens selection. You can get an NX1000 for about $200 less than an Olympus E-PM2, however and it has charms of its own. That makes it an amazing buy and a great way to give this class of camera a try, either as an upgrade to a point-and-shoot or a supplement to your SLR system. Highly recommended.

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