Don’s Dealfinder- Harman/Kardon HK3480 120 watt per channel stereo receiver, $188 (refurbished)


Harman/Kardon HK3480 Stereo Receiver

Building a system for music?   This top performing stereo  receiver has been on Stereophile Magazine’s  coveted recommended components list for years at its regular price of $399.   At $188 refurbished with warranty, for  the same price as  mass-market junk you can own a serious, high-performance receiver that you will be proud to own and which will provide years of high fidelity listening enjoyment.   It has 120 watts clean, strong watts per channel and a phono input for playing vinyl LPs, making it the perfect hub to an audiophile quality sound system.   It can even drive two pairs of speakers, so you can use it to play music in more than one room.

This  receiver opens up a lot of possibilities for  music lovers  on a budget.   It is a great match for speakers such as 4 ohm  Magnepan MMGs and Polk LSi9s, as well as  any of the  Ohm Walsh models, all of which  need amps with guts but provide killer sound when driven properly.   With a pair of $550 MMGs an inexpensive DVD player, for under $1,000 you would have a unique and spectacular sounding music system, or add a turntable like the Pro-ject Debut III for a modern retro vinyl system.  

Please note that the receiver is listed as the KH3480-Z on the website.   The Z notes a refubished unit.   It is sold from the manufacturer’s online outlet- see it at

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