Reader comment regarding the 42HL167, and my response

Gotta hand it to my readers, they don’t miss much!   Soon after posting the 42HL167 deal, I received this email:


I am a little confused.  A while back you stated that 1080p was pretty much meaningless and now here you are recommending the Toshiba 1080p 42″ for $999.  Did something change other than price?    I thought no one is broadcasting at 1080p or did  I miss something?
Please help.


Jaime Hinojosa
San Jose, CA

My reply:


It’s a great set, 1080p or not.   It is not a BAD feature to have 1080p… it’s just not the be-all end-all that many claim it to be, and to say that only 1080p is “True HD” or “Full HD” is not accurate.

The 42HL167  is recommended because it is a wonderful set and at $999, a wonderful value… NOT specifically because it is 1080p.    I am also aware that many readers have to have 1080p because it is “the best”, whether I say it  really matters or is  important or not, so I put the spec in the title.   I bought it myself because it is a great TV, not because it is 1080p… I was very impressed when seeing it and 1080p just happens to be its resolution.   If it said 720p on it I’d still have bought it and would still be recommending it now.

You are correct- no one is broadcasting in 1080p.  You see from the post  I bought this set for my parents… I  put my money where my mouth is and got them a 1080i HD-A3 HD DVD player to go with their new TV,  instead of the more expensive  1080p HD-A30.   The TV will deinterlace the signal perfectly and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the HD-A3 and HD-A30 in real-world, actual use.

Thanks for writing and its nice to see people are paying attention!


Don Lindich
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